Guided Bike Tour: Watch this Space Street Art Tour

Guided Bike Tour: Watch this Space Street Art Tour

$150.00 1 day

Street art tells a story of what the city is, what it was, and what it could be. In 2017 Christchurch was ranked as a global street art capital in Lonely Planet’s street art book. Join Watch this Space, local street art experts on a guided tour of Christchurch as an ever-evolving city and experience it through the eyes of street art.

Roughly 2 hours in the Christchurch CBD, our experienced and knowledgable guides will take you on a journey of street art, murals and graffiti. We’ll show you things big and small, explain the history of street art and Christchurch’s recent emergence as a “street art capital” in Lonely Planet’s first-ever street art only guide book, and tell you more about the artists and inspirations behind each work.

“Tour was awesome! Now I am noticing all these things about the city I would have totally just walked by!”
“Must-try tour to appreciate Christchurch street-art”

• Minimum charge is for two people but there may be others joining your tour. If you are single and a tour is going ahead you will be charged 50%.
• Bookings must be made 24hrs in advance as tour departure is based on numbers and guide availability.

• Duration: 2 hrs total riding distance: 5-7km

• Usually 10 am or 2 pm daily.
• Riding on majority low or traffic-free paths and cycleways
• Starting and finishing at Action Bicycle Club